blog The beaches with blue flag for Lemnos

17 June 2020

The beaches with blue flag for Lemnos

The Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, National Operator of the International Program “Blue Flag” in our country, announced the awards for beaches, marinas and boats for sustainable tourism.

The Municipality of Lemnos received five blue flags on the following beaches:

Agios Ioannis at Kaspakas
Evgatis – Zematas between Thanos – Kontias villages
Richa Nera-Romeikos Gyalos at Myrina

«Blue Flag» International Programme

The “Blue Flag” is the most recognizable and widespread international ecological symbol in the world. It has been awarded since 1987, on shores and marinas that meet the strict award requirements. A prerequisite for awarding a beach with the “Blue Flag” is the water quality in it & nbsp; be & nbsp; “Excellent”. & nbsp; No other quality rating, even “Good”, is acceptable to the Program. The award lasts one year.

In addition, the remaining 33 criteria (38 for marinas and 51 criteria for boats) must be met, which refer to & nbsp; cleanliness, organization, information, safety of bathers and visitors, protection of the natural wealth of the coast and coastal area and environmental awareness. Large travel agencies abroad pay special attention to the “Blue Flag” when choosing the destinations they offer to their customers, as a guarantee of high quality services offered on the coast, but also the protection of the environment. They know this and evaluate it & nbsp; all coastal managers, Municipalities, Hotels and Camping, participating in the Program voluntarily.