blog Small Gastronomic Proposals from Lemnos

17 June 2020

Small Gastronomic Proposals from Lemnos

The local cuisine of Lemnos retains its tradition and offers its visitors a multitude of fine local recipes and products.

Dishes and recipes with a strong local identity, influenced by the Asia Minor roots of several habitants of Lemnos island, that continue to evolve.

Start your day with enough energy to explore the island. A slice of bread kneaded with hard Lemnos flour, the “mavragani”, which you will spread with thyme honey or tahini.
Sheep’s yogurt and of course cheese pies, small pies in a square shape from Kalathaki Limnos or fresh cheese that contain all the aromas of the Limnos countryside.

If you are in Lemnos, especially on Shrove Monday, you should definitely taste sea urchins, bubbles and of course octopus, fished all from the clear seas of the island.

Pickles – mainly eggplant and cucumber – as well as salted – sardines and kolios (chub mackerel) – are produced with passion in Lemnos and are present in the daily diet.

Kavourmas, pork cooked in its fat with salt, has a special place in Limnos nutritian. In the old days it was made during the Christmas season and were maintained for a long time in this way.

Local pasta
The excellent lemnian wheat and goat’s and sheep’s milk are the raw materials for the “flomaria”, the local pasta that looks like noodles as well as for the local trachana. Flomari are cooked in soup form, especially as an invigorating dinner in the winter, or with a free-range rooster and, of course, grated “melichloro” on top. If you are in October or November, try flormaria with snails that gather in the plain on the first rains.