Gastronomy list


Lemnos, thanks to its size and geographical relief, has developed primary production since ancient times. For this reason, according to mythology, Lemnos was a much-desired bride that many wanted to conquer. In fact, Lemnos is a large plain. This, in turn, helped the cultivation of cereals in particular and at the same time the development […]

Wind and Kite Surfing list

Wind and Kite Surfing

In the summers in the Aegean, a daily wind that is called “meltemi”, blows that not only naturally cools our islands, but also “inflates the sails” of those involved in water sports. Lemnos, which is located in the course of the “meltemi”, with the long coastline and the many bays, is an ideal destination for […]

Scuba Diving list

Scuba Diving

The seabed in Lemnos has special characteristics and great variety. The bottom of the rocky shores from Evgatis to the gulf of Moudros is completely different from the bottom of the northern and northeastern coasts, or the coasts around Myrina. Particular attention should be paid to those who want to engage in diving, as streams […]

Cycling list


Discover Lemnos on two wheels! The bicycle is considered an easy means of transportation, because Lemnos is perhaps one of the most flat islands in the North Aegean. This means that there are many routes that you can enjoy relaxing. The bike is suitable not only for your movement, but also for sports and entertainment. […]


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